Surgical Tech Schools In MA

Surgical Tech Schools

A career as a surgical technician offers excitement, challenges, and a rewarding salary and benefits. There are numerous vocational schools and community colleges in Massachusetts offering certification and degree programs for those interested in becoming a surgical assistant.

A surgical technician is a member of an operating room team. He or she is responsible for preparing the room for the surgical procedure. The assistant works closely with the attending physician and is familiar with the operational routine, how the instruments are used and cared for, and how to monitor the condition of the patient. Training to be a certified surgical tech involves a number of core courses as well as study in the areas of chemistry, biology, and mathematics.

Types Of Programs Offered

Depending on the type of work the individual wishes to participate in, college or vocational training may focus on a specialized area of surgical assistance. For example, surgical techs are needed in various fields such as dentistry, trauma centers, emergency care wards, and spinal injury hospitals.

Students should be prepared to take courses in:

  • Operation room procedures
  • Medical terminology
  • Human anatomy
  • Communications
  • Data entry and patient records
  • Medical instruments and equipment
  • Sterilization and sanitation

surgical tech trainingMost of the schools offering degree programs for surgical technician students will offer both an accelerated certificate course or an advanced graduate degree series of classes and laboratory work.

Many of the schools in Massachusetts have an Associate degree program, the highest level of education required for this type of specialized field.

Educational Prerequisites

Technical schools and community colleges that offer a surgical technician program usually require a high school diploma, one or two years worth of college credit, and satisfactory marks in biology, chemistry, and mathematics. Most of these schools will accept underclass students with the understanding that additional required credits will be taken before most of the degree program coursework commences.

Students can inquire to the admissions offices of these schools to find out if certain prerequisite classes must be taken and passed before the core courses are offered.

Surgical Tech Schools In Massachusetts

Students living in Massachusetts have a wide range of programs available, offered by many of the community colleges and vocational schools in the state. Individuals should contact the school directly for complete information on specialized coursework that may be required for a particular field.

Some of the more well-known and highly accredited schools for surgical tech students in Massachusetts include:

  • New England Institute of Technology
  • Bunker Hill Community College
  • North Shore Community College
  • Quincy College
  • Quinsigamond Community College

All of these schools offer students a one- or two-year program that focuses on operation room procedures, instrument preparation, communication with patients and doctors, and medical records. Each of the schools has an Associate’s degree program that includes testing for certification.

After obtaining a degree as a surgical assistant, students are encouraged to participate in an internship program. National certification is offered by several entities in the form of an examination. The job requirements listed by many prospective employers include certification, and students who possess both a degree and national recognition in the form of a certificate are more likely to find a job in this industry that pays above the national average.

Certification is not permanent, and surgical technicians are required to attend certain classes or lecture series in order to keep their standing up-to-date.

Job Opportunities For Surgical Technicians

Those individuals holding a degree or diploma from an accredited school will find numerous positions available in the health care sector. Skilled surgical techs are needed to assist physicians in every corner of the industry.

Veterinary clinic surgeons require the assistance of an operating room tech to help with the animals, prepare them for surgery, and administer certain medicines. Rehabilitation and physical therapy centers often have their own operating rooms for those patients requiring specialized surgery. Emergency care units in hospitals and trauma centers have a full staff of nursing assistants and surgical technicians who prepare the rooms for operation, sterilize and lay out the instruments, and perform ongoing monitoring of patients.

One of the challenges of this profession is learning how to deal with emergencies, communicate in an effective manner with both doctors and patients, and how to become prepared for unexpected routines. A training program at an accredited institute of learning will teach students how to deal with stress, how to understand all types of unusual procedures that must be carried out in the operating room, and how to perform records keeping that is a vital part of the decisions made by surgeons and physicians in general.

Surgical technicians in Massachusetts earn an average starting wage in the $35-40K range. Those who are certified as a First Surgical Assistant and who have completed an internship after earning a degree may earn in excess of $60,000 annually. The number of certified techs who hold an Associate’s degree is expected to grow by more than 15 percent by the year 2020.

Surgical Tech Programs In MA

New England Institute of Technology

New England Institute of Technology is a private, non-profit, co-educational technical college offering over 30 Associate in Science, Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree programs. As a leader in Technical Career Education in southern New England, New England Tech is committed to providing hands-on technological programs that prepare graduates for positions of leadership in the technical, industrial, business, and allied health communities. Most of our associate degree programs can be completed in as little as 18 months, and bachelor’s degree programs in as little as three years. Every year over 2,000 students choose New England Tech for the hands-on laboratory and classroom training that provides the necessary skills to begin their technical careers.

  • East Greenwich
  • AS - Surgical
  • AS - Clinical Medical Assistant

Lincoln Technical Institute

Are you looking for hands-on training at a well-respected technical school?

Since 1946, Lincoln Technical Institute has been helping students achieve professional success through personalized career support and hands-on, job-specific education. Our in-depth training programs are designed to meet the changing needs of today’s tough job market, and cover a variety of fields, including: Health Sciences, Business and Information Technology, Hospitality, automotive Technology, HVAC Technology and Electrical Systems Technology.

What sets Lincoln Technical Institute apart from other schools? Quite a few things, actually; our training programs emphasize experiential, interactive learning activities – that means you’ll do the job before you take the job. Plus, our Certificate, Diploma and Associate Degree programs are designed to accelerate your entry into the job market by offering a shorter length of training, so you may be earning valuable on-the-job experience before many of your peers do.

But our strengths go beyond that. our Lincoln instructors possess a combination of seasoned teaching skills, subject matter expertise and real world experience. Plus, we’ve built working partnerships with important industry contacts in your area. So when you graduate, we’ll help you find a good position and start your career off right.

When it comes to choosing a post-secondary educational institution, keep this in mind: Our dedication to your success sets us apart from the competition – and the specialized, career-focused training you’ll receive at Lincoln will set you apart from yours. Lincoln Technical Institute offers flexible daytime and evening programs to accommodate your busy schedule. Financial Aid is available for those who qualify and Career Placement Assistance is available upon graduation.

  • Lincoln (Providence Area)
  • Lowell MA (Northern MA and NH)
  • Somerville MA (Boston Area)
  • Brockton MA (Southeastern MA)
  • Medical Assistant

Branford Hall Career Institute

Prestigious Branford Hall has been a leader in professional education for four decades. Branford Hall has campuses conveniently located in Branford, Southington and Windsor, Connecticut; Springfield, Massachusetts; and Albany and Bohemia, New York. Students are instructed with state-of-the-art, real-world technologies that today’s employers are seeking.

  • Springfield
  • Professional Medical Assistant

Salter College

Salter College, a private two-year college, offers an enriching balance of liberal arts and professional career education. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our students through quality education and support services while fostering an environment that inspires academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, and an interest in life-long learning and continued higher education.

  • Worcester (W. Boylston)
  • Medical Assisting - Certificate

Lincoln College of New England

The 21st century economy has become less about jobs and more about skills. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or you want to advance or change your career, Lincoln College of New England offers degree programs for the most in-demand careers, as well as internships where you gain first-hand knowledge and experience in your career field.

We’re a small college and our unique approach to education provides the academic and personal support you need to be successful. Lincoln graduates have an excellent reputation among employers-business, industries, health care services, and professional offices are anxious to hire our graduates. Twenty six percent of full time, first time in college freshmen entering Lincoln in the fall 2005 graduated with an associate’s degree within three years.

  • Southington
  • Medical Assisting